Project Flow


Project Flow

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    お問い合わせ・建築相談〈無料〉Initial contact/discussion (free)
    First, please feel to contact us by email or telephone. After we have heard from you, we will arrange a meeting during which we will explain our approach to designing and building, and how we go about our renovation and construction projects. In certain cases, we may be able to show you examples of past projects. We will also be happy to discuss the project site, your needs and requirements, budget considerations, and any other questions you may have. (We may also be able to assist you in your search for land or a site.)
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    企画提案〈無料〉Proposal (free)Time required: approximately one month
    After considering the client’s request and doing any necessary research into factors such as site location and legal conditions, we will present our general concept and vision in the form of a simple design. Once we have had a meeting to discuss our approach and ideas, the client may consider the proposal and tell us whether or not they wish to proceed. (*Depending on scale and content, the details of the proposal may change.)
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    After drawing up the simple design, we will request quotes from several contractors. (If the client has a specific contractor in mind, we will request a quote from that contractor only.) We will evaluate each contractor on the basis of their price range, technical capabilities and responsiveness, and will advise the client on the selection of the contractor. If budget adjustments become necessary, we will produce a modified design and once again request quotes from the contractors.
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    工事請負契約/初回支払いContractFirst payment: 30-50% of total construction costs
    The client will sign a contract with the contractor who most closely meets Maru R. We will be present at the signing of the contract, and will confirm the details of the contract with the client.
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    設計DesignTime required: approximately one month
    Once the contract has been signed, the formal design process will begin. After the basics of the project design have been decided upon, we will produce more detailed drawings with information pertaining to materials, equipment, finishing and other considerations. We will work with the client to decide the features of rooms such as kitchens, baths and toilets, in addition to lighting equipment and other fixtures.
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    工事監理Construction SupervisionIntermediate payment: 30-50% of total construction costs
    Construction period: 1-2 months
    After construction work begins, we will periodically visit the project site on the client’s behalf to monitor whether the construction work is proceeding according to our designs and to assure quality control. We will give the client regular progress updates, will provide actual samples of materials so that they can confirm the color, texture and other elements of these materials, and will make final decisions on other details. We will act as a liaison between the client and the contractor to ensure that the project proceeds according to the client’s wishes, and will do everything we can to help the client enjoy the process of watching their renovation or construction project come to completion.
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    完成・引渡しCompletion of ConstructionFinal payment: 30-50% of total construction costs
    When the construction work has been completed, we, the contractor, and the client will each perform an inspection to check for any problems or issues, and we will also have a completion inspection conducted by a designated confirmation and inspection agency. Any repair work necessitated by these inspections will be carried out, and once the building inspection certificate has been granted, we will be ready to hand the keys to the client.
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    アフターメンテナンスPost-Construction Maintenance Period
    (1-2 years)
    Approximately one year after the completion of the project, we will conduct an inspection with the contractor to check for any areas requiring repairs or other issues. The client may also contact us if they experience any problems or would like to discuss other requests or concerns.